Pricing and Fees Schedule

  • Member Registration
    excl GST

  • Registration Fee - Individual
    Registration fee for an individual account.
  • Registration Fee - Business
    $49 / $69 / $89
    Registration fee for a business account of up to 5 / 20 / 50 drivers.
  • Registration Fee - Not-For-Profit
    Registration fee for a not-for-profit account.

  • Casual Vehicle Rates
    excl GST

  • Fee Per Hour
    $19 / $26 / $29
    Short/Medium/Long range vehicle, charged in 30 min blocks.
  • Capped 12 Hours
    $129 / $169 / $189
    Short/Medium/Long range vehicle, 12-hour maximum fee.
  • Capped 24 Hours
    $169 / $219 / $249
    Short/Medium/Long range vehicle, 24-hour maximum fee.
  • Capped Overnight
    $29 / $39 / $49
    Short/Medium/Long range vehicle, between 6:00pm and 8:00am.
  • Capped Weekend
    $189 / $239 / $279
    Short/Medium/Long range vehicle, between Friday 6:00pm and Monday 8:00am.
  • Kilometre fee
    Per km rate, for each km over 200km per booking.
  • Minimum booking length
    30 minutes
    We charge a minimum fee for each booking.

  • Booking Charges
    excl GST

  • Cancellation fee - more than 1 hr prior to booking
    no charge
    Bookings that are cancelled prior to an hour before the booking start.
  • Cancellation fee - less than 1 hr prior to booking
    1 hr charge
    Bookings that are cancelled within an hour of the booking start time.
  • Abandoned Booking Fee
    full booking charged
    Bookings that are abandoned (not started) are charged at their full booking fee.

  • Energy Charges
    excl GST

  • Charging fee - our chargers
    $no charge
    You can charge for free any time during your booking.
  • Charging fee - ChargeNet network
    $parking fees charged
    We pay for energy only. Any parking or idle fees will be charged to your account.
  • Charging fee - user paid
    $no charge
    We will reimburse you for energy charges.
  • Charging fee - user home charger
    $no charge
    No reimbursement.

  • Other Charges
    excl GST

  • Infringement fees
    Infringement fees relating to parking, speeding, or failure to comply with the directions given by a traffic signal.
  • Repossession, impounding, or relocation
    Fees relating to repossession, impounding, or relocation of a vehicle.
  • Cleaning fee
    Cleaning fee when reported to us.
  • Soiling fee
    Soiling fee when reported to us.
  • Loss of use fee
    Charged in addition to vehicle daily rate.
  • Administration Fee
    Additional fee charged for any unreported event, breakdown or fine management, and any non-standard requests.
  • Special Administration Fee
    Additional fee for failing to return vehicle to its base, leaving a vehicle unlocked, accident management, or failure to plug in charger on return of vehicle without notifying us.
  • Interest
    2% per month
    Charged on any outstanding account balance.
  • Credit Card Fee
    Any payments made via credit card will attract a processing fee of 2.9%

  • Insurance
    excl GST

  • Insurance Excess
    The insurance excess you are liable for.
  • Insurance Excess - Driver is 21-24 years old
    Additional excess if the driver is 21-24 years old.
  • Insurance Excess - Driver under 21
    Additional excess if the driver is under 21.




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