Policies and Procedures

Accident and Incident Procedure

In any emergency situations dial 111 and ask for Ambulance, Police or Fire.

Any accidents, damages, breakdowns, or defects (regardless of cause) must be reported to us immediately. You must also inform the Police if it appears that there has been arson, theft, burglary or malicious damage during your booking.

You are required to complete a Vehicle Incident Key Information form which a form is located in the glove box of the car or you can download a PDF copy here.

You will also need to document any minor damage via the Damages Reporting feature in the mobile app on the return of the vehicle.

Charging & Fob Key Use

We will always try our best to ensure our cars are fully charged however it is your responsibility to check and ensure you have enough charge and range for your booking. If you do require additional charging during your booking please follow the instructions in the glove box of the car. There is also information about charging in our Charging FAQs.

Our cars have a ChargeNet fob key in the glove box which can be used at any ChargeNet charger, and in the boot a Type I or Type II charging cable for fast charging at AC chargers, and a home charger cable for domestic charging.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to access or use our services, you must sign up to become an Account Holder member and/or a Driver member and be approved by GoTo Car Share.

To be approved by GoTo Car Share, you must meet our eligibility criteria:

Insurance Cover Exclusions

All GoTo Car Share vehicles have vehicle insurance and third party cover. Insurance is subject to payment of a vehicle excess and a damage administration fee, as per our Pricing and Fees Schedule, and the following policy exclusions:

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how we manage your personal information held by us, including how we collect, use, hold, disclose and otherwise process your personal information. You will also find information about how to contact us if you have any privacy queries, including how to update or access your personal information or make a complaint.

Use of Vehicles

Provided you have a valid Driver Membership, you can book and drive a GoTo car.

Our Use of Vehicles Policy sets out expectations for starting a booking, using our cars, and ending a booking: