Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can change your booking any time up to the end of your booking. Cancellation charges may apply as per our Pricing and Fees Schedule. Please note that excessive cancellations may see your membership status reviewed.



Change a Booking via the smartphone app

  • Login to Fleetster
    Ensure you have installed the Fleetster smartphone app. Open the app and login.

    You will need to be an approved driver on an active Membership Account to access car bookings.

    The app allows you to create, edit and cancel bookings, access your past and future bookings, and maintain your user profile.
    1. Login
  • Select the Bookings option
    Select the Bookings option at the bottom of the screen to display your upcoming bookings.
    2. Select the Bookings Option
  • Select the booking
    Select the booking you want to edit from the list of upcoming bookings.
    3. Select the booking
  • Select the Edit Booking option
    Review the list of cars available that match your requirements.
    4. Select the Edit Booking option
  • Edit Your Booking
    Edit any of your booking settings, including your cost centre and notes, and the vehicle you want to use. Select Next when you have completed each step or the back arrow to return to a prior step.
    5. Edit Your Booking
  • Review your booking
    Review the booking overview and confirm via the Book button or go back to edit.
    6. Review your booking
  • Your Edit is confirmed
    Your booking edit is confirmed. Select OK to continue.
    7. Your Edit is confirmed


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