Individual Driver Account Sign Up Process

STEP 1 - Driver Account 

Complete your online Driver Account Registration.

We will review your registration and notify you within 24 hours as to the outcome.

If you require a faster response please complete your registration then call or contact us.

STEP 2 - Driver Login and Induction

Once approved, we will send an invite to login to our mobile and web booking apps.

You will be able to make bookings and we will arrange a time for their vehicle, parking and charging induction.

Individual Driver Account Registration


Complete this form if want to register an individual driver account.

Before you begin here's what you will need:

  1. An email address & mobile number.
  2. A valid credit card which you agree we can charge after each booking.
  3. Your driver licence.
  4. A photo of the front and back of your driver licence.
  5. A head-shot photo of you holding your licence, with the front of your licence clearly visible.
  6. A scan or photo of your completed Waka Kotahi Driver Check consent form.
  7. Read our Membership Terms of Use and our Pricing and Fees Schedule. 
Account Holder & Driver Details

Please enter your details as the account holder and authorised signatory.

Home Address
Driver Licence Details

Please enter the details of your New Zealand driver licence.

If you don't have a New Zealand licence but are legally allowed to drive using your current and valid overseas licence or driver permit, please complete this form as much as possible and we will make contact with you.

Driver Check Consent

We use Driver Check from Waka Kotahi to automatically monitor your driver licence status and changes.

Please download the "Consent to access my information in Driver Check" form, complete, sign and upload a scan or copy for our records.

Payment Details

Please provide a valid card for payment. We do not store your card details on this website nor any of our systems. Your card will be charged after the completion of each booking. Credit card payments attract an additional fee of 2.9%.

If there are any additional charges that subsequently arise from your booking (eg infringement notices, insurance excess, additional cleaning charges etc) we will notify you before charging your card. 

Estimated Usage

To help us to manage our resources, please estimate how many bookings you expect to make in a week or month; and what types of trips you think you will primarily use GoTo for.

Tell Us A Bit More

Tell us more about your current situation, why you would like to use a car sharing service, and how we can best support you.


I am the authorised signatory listed above and I confirm the following: