How To

You can cancel your booking any time up to the start of your booking. Cancellation charges may apply as per our Pricing and Fees Schedule. Please note that excessive cancellations may see your membership status reviewed.

You can become a member of GoTo Car Share if you are aged 21 or over, with a full valid driver license. Your first step is to create a Membership Account, either as an individual or a business/organisation.

As an Individual member your account and driver details are processed in one step, and you will receive confirmation and login details within 24 hours.

If you are joining as a Business or Organisation - with multiple drivers - your account is processed and we then provide a unique sign-up link for you and your additional drivers. Confirmation and login details will be sent to each driver when they complete their sign-up.

We encourage you to arrange a time for an induction before your first trip.

To use your GoTo car booking you login to your Fleetster smartphone app, select your upcoming booking and start the Booking.