Fees and Charges

You can drive as far as you like, but your total trip allowance included in our fees is 200 km per booking. Any additional kilometres are charged at our excess km rate as per our Pricing and Fees Schedule.

Your booking price will be calculated from a base hourly rate for the vehicle you have chosen, capped for certain time periods and times of the day. You will always get the best rate based on the period of your booking.

All GoTo drivers are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.

Terms & conditions and an excess applies. See our Membership agreement for more information.

In order to keep things really simple when you need to use a car, we've included everything in the price you pay for your trip. There are a few exceptions which you can read about in our Membership Terms of Use and our Pricing And Fees Schedule, but we do include the following:

If the vehicle you are driving incurs any fine during your booking, this will be charged to your account as per our Membership Terms of Use and Pricing and Charges Schedule.