How do I use my booking?

To use your GoTo car booking you login to your Fleetster smartphone app, select your upcoming booking and start the Booking.


Using a Booking

  • Login to Fleetster
    You will need to be an approved driver on an active Membership Account to access car bookings.

    The app allows you to create, edit and cancel bookings, access your past and future bookings, and maintain your user profile.
    1. Login
  • Select your booking
    Your next booking will appear on the home page of the App. Select Start Booking to open your booking.
    2. Select your booking
  • Check the location
    Check the location of the vehicle you have booked. Select Trip Details to review the booking or Start Trip to start your booking.
    3. Check the location
  • Check your Trip Details
    Select Map to review the vehicle location, or select Start Trip to start your booking.
    4. Check your Trip Details
  • Check for damage
    Check the vehicle for any damage. Existing damage reported will already be noted in the app. Select OK to proceed.
    5. Check for damage
  • Report any damage
    Report any additional damage by location and type. Select Start Trip to start your booking.
    6. Report any damage
  • Unlock the vehicle
    Select the Unlock button to unlock the vehicle. Your device will select the best option to connect to the vehicle - either Bluetooth or via the Internet - and send a signal to unlock the vehicle. This may take up to 30 seconds, but is usually within 5 seconds. Select unlock again if the vehicle hasn't responded.

    Select the Lock and Unlock options as many times as required throughout your booking. When you have completed your trip and returned to the Base, removed your belongings and placed the vehicle on charge (if applicable), you can Lock the vehicle for the last time.
    7. Unlock the vehicle
  • Confirm the vehicle is locked
    The App will confirm that the vehicle is locked. Select OK and select the Finish Trip option.
    8. Confirm the vehicle is locked
  • Report on the vehicle status
    Provide feedback on how clean the vehicle is at the end of your booking and select Next.
    9. Report on the vehicle status
  • Check for damage
    Check and report any damage during your trip.

    Select Finish Trip to end your booking.
    10. Check for damage
  • Booking has ended
    Your digital key has been returned and the booking has ended.
    11. Booking has ended