Where can I recharge the car?

Should you need to recharge the car during your booking you can charge at any location. Our cars are equipped with home charging cables, AC fast charging cables and a ChargeNet fob key to access any AC or DC public charger on their network.


To charge you can:

1) Return to our Base and charge on our slower AC chargers for free.
2) Return to our Base or check on ChargeNet whether our fast DC charger is free, and do a fast top up for free.
3) Use any of the ChargeNet chargers throughout the country - we pay for the energy costs incurred and will add non-energy costs to your account.
4) Use any other public AC or DC charger - once you submit your receipt to us, we will reimburse you for the energy costs incurred.
5) Use the home charger in the boot of the car - we don't reimburse this cost.

We recommend you use the ChargeNet map, install the ChargeNet App or use the PlugShare map or the PlugShare App to locate chargers.

The ChargeNet Fob Key in the car can be used at any of our charges or any ChargetNet charger.

If required, a Type-I or Type-II charger cable is in the boot of each car depending on the model.


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